Tree Service in Corpus Christi, Texas Near Me

Texas Tree Lawn & Garden is Corpus Christi’s premier tree service near you, having served local homes and commercial businesses in Nueces County, South Texas for the past 18 years.

Our coastal city, located right by the bay, is home to a beautiful landscape of trees, including oaks, mesquite, ash, elms, juniper, pecan, wild olive, cypress, palms, fruit trees, and more.  Trees and plants are living, breathing things, and our skilled arborists are 100% committed to ensuring the healthy growth, sustainment, and beautification of our local environment.  Having lived in the city for so long, we’ve seen just about everything and we’re accustomed to dealing with high winds and variable weather patterns.

Our goal is to provide outstanding service that goes well beyond your expectations, and that starts with the initial phone call. Whether you’re calling us to cut down a tree in your yard, on your commercial land, or your business property, you’ll receive prompt, courteous service from our knowledgeable team.  We’ll then consider your specific requests and provide a free estimate for you to review.  We guarantee to get the job done right the first time and leave you at ease.  All we ask is that when you have a great experience, you share it with anyone else who can benefit as well.  You can reach us any time at (361) 633-5363.

Our Tree Services

Benefits of our Tree Trimming Service

Our professional, one-of-a-kind tree company is well-versed in all stages of tree care and maintenance. Pruning a tree offers many benefits, such as safety, natural growth patterns, and aesthetic appeal.

Our Lawn Care Services

Benefits of our Lawn Care Service

We handle all aspects of lawn care in Corpus Christi as well, caring for your bushes, plants, gardens, yards, and lush greenery.  There’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining a green lawn and a nice landscape, and we appreciate the value it provides.  Contact our team for anything you need throughout the seasons.  Big or small, we do it all.

We do aeration, fertilization, lawn mowing, seeding, weed control, and yard cleanup.  Our services work best together because each one provides a unique benefit, allowing your grass and plants to grow strong.  During the fall, when the autumn leaves change color and begin to drop from the trees, we get countless calls for leaf removal.  Don’t break your back raking and bagging leaves for hours on end – we’ll take care of it for you and leave your yard in flawless condition.

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Sometimes, one visit isn’t enough to meet your landscaping needs – that’s why we are proud to offer affordable tree and lawn maintenance plans.  These monthly upkeep programs are best for people who desire convenience and want to maintain perfect looking properties all year round without having to call in and schedule appointments constantly.  You tell us what days work best for you and our team of professionals will stop in to get the job done.  We’ll prune and shape the trees and bushes, aerate, fertilize, seed, and mow the lawn, and clean up after ourselves when we’re done.  We’re not happy unless you’re completely satisfied.  Contact us today to determine the best plan for you.

Emergency services

High winds and rapidly changing weather conditions are common in this region, and we’ve all seen the damage and destruction hurricanes and tropical storms can bring.  If you’re in need of emergency services, call us 24 hours a day to remove storm-damaged or hazardous trees.  We’ll respond immediately for any call – residential or commercial.

Why Choose us?

Our family-owned business has the experience to do the job and to do it well.  We promise that our team will never:

  • Rush your decision
  • Nickel and dime you
  • Disappear mid-job
  • Berate you for giving us feedback
  • Or be harder than the president to contact

You deserve to work with an honest company that’s looking out for you, and I truly believe we are the best in town.  Trust the best and forget the rest.  Call us today at (361) 633-5363.

Locations Served

We serve all the neighborhoods of Corpus Christi, Texas, and many just outside of the city – Mustang-Padre Island, South Side, Flour Buff, Central City, Calallen, Northwest, the Bay Area and more.  Even if you’re not listed here, give us a call because if you’re not hours away, we probably serve your location too.